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Sometimes data is big, full of complexity and streaming at different rates. We start our journey from data to insight by making data acquisition simple and reliant in the first place. Gathering data from different sources such as sensors, transactions, clickstreams, files or over networks, we continuously load, store and manage your data to retain its value.



Once data is obtained from disparate sources, we look forward to a combined and uniform view of data, where it becomes consistent and unambiguous to work upon. We parse it to give your data a structure and meaning. We filter it to remove outliers and retain all data which is of value to your scope. Data cleansed, hence becomes data which is enriched.



Data which is not analysed does not lead to any useful information. We move ahead by applying analytical methods and statistical models to determine interesting trends about your data. Discerning patterns by placing your data in the right mathematical context, we ensure that data discovery happens for you, right within and for your context.



Any information needs powerful and intuitive visualizations to render insights. Once we determine, choose and custom create the right visual model for you, it can enable your datasets to share their story and voice out their insights. And yes of course we believe that a good visualization is worth a thousand data points.



We do not leave you with the task of comprehending insights to make smart decisions on your own. We make it obvious by refining the representation to making it clearer and more visually engaging to you through the presence of appropriate interactions. By allowing you to control features which are visible and enabling you to manipulate your data yourself, we complete our journey to empower you as an innovator, comprehensively.

BI &
Leaders around the world look forth to strategies and solutions which can lend process and performance intelligence to their business and guide their decision making. While technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations, a comprehensive system which can enable an intuitive discovery through data backed insights needs to be in place. Understanding leadership concerns to understand the big picture efficiently, our BI dashboards delight combining both design and data sensibilities together.

Expertise: Tableau, PowerBI, Chart Integrations, Web Technologies

The availability of data is superseding the rate at which it is being consumed. We foresee a major trend where data usable by the average person will become more and more important. Hence data products, where users will find a chance to close the loop by getting an opportunity to monetize their data and achieve their goals seamlessly. Good design will be indispensable to make such products a reality and we stand to spearhead this trend.

Expertise: UX, UI, Journey Design, Web Technologies, Chart Integrations

As the attention span of consumers spirals to decline and humongous data continues to crowd our lives, what catches attention will be something which ensures engagement. For any information to be consumable it needs to be presented in a way that it fosters efficient and effective understanding of it. With Information Design, we visualize your information to make sure it captures the attention of your user, continues to engage them by being coherent and adjustable to different interfaces and lends them to meaning actions by being insightful.

Expertise: UI, Layout & Graphic Design, Reporting Content, Publishing tools

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"We are all experts in our own little niches."
- Alex Trebek
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Crowdfunding At a Glance
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Top Platforms by Revenue | FY 2018-19

Logo of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

For a global crowdfunding platform, we were curious to find which projects and categories
actually came to life.And what could it mean for innovators alike?


Total Us Dollars Pledged To
All Kickstarter Projects

  • 16,313,0 Total Backers
  • 163,0 Successfully funded projects
  • 53,603,0 Total Pledges
Top 100 most funded
  • Games
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Film&Video
Most Funded Categories Of All Time
  • Games

  • Design

  • Technology

  • Films&Video

  • Others



| $1.0B
  • Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5
  • Exploding Kittens
  • OUYA: Game Console
  • The 7th Continent
  • Shenmue 3


| $944.0M
  • Pebble Time
  • Coolest Cooler
  • All-New Pebble Core
  • Pebble: E-Paper Watch
  • BAUBAX Travel Jacket


| $826.72M
  • Pono Music
  • Reading Rainbow
  • Snapmaker 2.0
  • ZeTime
  • Pimax VR Headset


| $446.1M
  • The Legend of Vox
  • Mystery Science Theater
  • Veronica Mars Movie Project
  • Wish I was here
  • Blue Mountain State


| $704M
  • BAUBAX 2.0Fashion
  • Stick Reprint DriveComics
  • SisyphusArt
  • Pico CFood
  • The Voyager Golden RecordMusic
Category Size
by number of projects
Total Projects : 446,828
Success Rate by number of projects and Category
Total Projects 446,828 | Average Success Rate 37%
Success Rate by categories
  • Success RateFailure Rate
  • Theater 60%40%
  • Comics 57%43%
  • Music 50%50%
  • Art 42%58%
  • Games 38%62%
  • Film & Video 37%63%
  • Design 37%63%
  • Publishing 32%68%
  • Photography 31%69%
  • Fashion 26%74%
  • Food 25%75%
  • Technology 20%80%
37%Average Success Rate


This report studies the Global Crowdfunding Marketover the forecast period of 2019 to 2023. The Global Crowdfunding Market is expected to grow at an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2019 to 2023

Growth rate
Total amount
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